Private Puppy Training in Kamloops

Are you and your dog struggling to get along? Is your dog so embarrassing you dread taking him/her into public places? Are you a busy person that cannot commit to a class that happens every week? Is your dog leash reactive? Does your dog DRAG you down the street?

Private Training is for you! Our Private Training Session allow one-on-one sessions that are flexible during the week and on weekends. Jessie will work with you to find solutions to help get you and your dog back on track and back into the public!

All our training programs come with a Walk-On Membership. Our Walk-On Program is a bonus program that we offer to our clients so that they have our support on-going. We meet twice monthly: one off-leash group class and one on-leash group class. All participants must have completed training with MBD; this is not open to the public. Why do we do this? It gives hesitant owners that have worked with us and their dog a chance to train with other owners and dogs without being judged for their dog’s behaviour. All participants know our training methods and all participants understand the struggle or embarrassment of the other members. It is a safe place to train your dog while there are other dogs around!

3 Sessions - $299.00 (includes 3 mos Walk-On Membership)

This program is used for small foundation work or leash manners. Because of the low sessions, it is not useful for any big behaviour changes or for a full foundations course. These sessions must be used within 2 months of first session.

5 Sessions - $375.00 (includes 6 mos Walk-On Membership)

This program is one of our more popular programs, as you can really get some obedience foundation or more serious behaviour modification done such as leash reactivity or if you have several small behaviours that need to be looked after such as barking, counter surfing, etc. These sessions must be used within 3 months of the first session.

8 Sessions - $584.00 (includes 12 mos Walk-On Membership)

This program is our largest and most cost-effective program. It is also our most sought after program. This can be used for a whole obedience foundation course along with some behaviours and all the proofing of behaviours you may need. These sessions must be used within 6 months of the first session.

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