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Meet the Pack

Jessie taylor

Jessie has lived in the Kamloops area for about 23 years, has a wonderful man and a talented teenage daughter. She also has three dogs: Hunter, Irish and Maya. All her dogs have different specialties in training, so you will likely meet all of them. Hunter is the biggest and the sweetest mini-bear you ever saw. Jessie uses him for meet and greets, reactive dog training and puppies. Irish is a cattle-dog/rotti and tends to be the dog with more assertiveness.

She is used for a lot of work-type training, such as nose-work, touch, hunting, etc. She is also good for young dogs that think they run the place. Irish very quickly can let a young dog know what is inappropriate with just a look! Maya is Jessie’s youngest and most shy dog. She does beautiful obedience and is training for Rally-O right now.

Jessie is continually studying Dog Training. Whether she is attending training conferences or workshops, studying online, consulting with other trainers from around the world or listening to clients, Jessie makes sure her toolbox of techniques is always fresh and usable.

Jessie’s heart has always been in the training side of the dog world and she has found that that is what she was best at. In the summer of 2016, Jessie decided that she wanted to pursue that and give her clients the best service she could provide. Nominated for #1 Trainer in Kamloops for two consecutive years, as well as Gold Sponsor for SPCA Paws for a Cause for three years, the people in Kamloops have come to trust that Jessie can help them with their training needs.

Jessie uses a balanced approach to training, which means she uses both negative (taking something away) and positive (adding something) methods. In this day and age, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstood language surrounding dog training (such as: positive, balanced, old school, alpha, etc.).

Jessie puts it this way: “I say, Yes and No. I use tools that best suit the client and the dog with what behaviour we are trying to achieve. I do not expect owners to follow only method because, quite simply, it may just not work for that dog or that owner!“ Jessie knows how to use several training tools including slipleads, haltis, muzzles, pet correctors, martingales, prong collars, distraction aids and is currently learning simple obedience with e-collars such as recall. Jessie always starts with teaching foundation and then builds behaviour on that solid foundation.

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