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My Balanced Dog, known as MBD, has been operating in Kamloops for 15 years! Four years ago, ownership changed to Jessie Taylor, who has since changed My Balanced Dog into a trusted name for training in the Kamloops area.

In 2013, Jessie became the new owner and since then has made several changes including adding several training programs, more retail, day-school and dog sports. MBD was located both in Aberdeen and on the North Shore, winning several awards in the community. In 2016 MBD moved operation to a home based operation and continues to strive to give their clients the services that they needed! 

Jessie’s heart has always been in the training side of the dog world and she has found that that is what she was best at. In the summer of 2016, Jessie decided that she wanted to pursue that and give her clients the best service she could provide. Nominated for #1 Trainer in Kamloops for two consecutive years, as well as Gold Sponsor for SPCA Paws for a Cause for three years, the people in Kamloops have come to trust that Jessie can help them with their training needs.

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About Kamloops’ Canine Training and Wellness Center

At My Balanced Dog, we strive to see better relationships between dogs and their owners! We make sure that owners are VERY involved in the training process and we think of ourselves as part of your team, rooting for you and your dog! We understand the frustrations and disappointments, and that is why we sit down with you and get to know YOU and YOUR dog. What training method best suits you, your lifestyle, your dog, your people in your life?

How can we serve you and make sure that the investment you put in reaps rewards for the rest of your dog’s life? You are not a number to us; we create a relationship with you and make sure that you have access to us always.

We offer several programs and after-care programs to make sure you are successful! Once your training program is completed, there are programs we offer for FREE to you, so that your after-care is looked after. We do not send you out into the wilderness! We are very dedicated to our clients and our clients are very dedicated to their training programs, and that creates success for everyone. In our programs, we limit the amount of clients we have at a given time, so that we can give the most to them.

Our dog clients are NEVER put in a kennel. In our Board ‘n’ Train Program, your dog is being trained all day with real-world activities. Your dog stays in a home, goes for walks and hikes, attends any classes MBD has, goes for Adventure Hikes, etc. Your dog gets well trained and YOU are a part of it!

My Balanced Dog offers Obedience Training in all levels. Our technique is based on several training styles, and we pride ourselves in our continuous learning of techniques to better our service to our clients. We have been very successful with our Obedience Training as well as helping owners with leash reactivity in their dogs. We believe that one technique will NOT be successful for every person and every dog. You have different personalities, goals and comfort levels. Whether you have just started your training adventure, or have tried other training and it didn’t work for you, let us help you have the dog you are proud to have out in public!

There are a zillion different websites, videos, theories, methods, trainers, etc. We take all that information and simplify it for YOU and your situation. We get a lot of calls from overwhelmed owners who have searched online or talked to other trainers and either feel like complete failures or, honestly, do not know where to start from an overload of information. Take a peek at our training programs and see how we can make your training experience a happier, more fun one!

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Cloudy but nice Friday hike. Lots of wet snowy fun. 💞🐶

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Thursday Hike! Mildred’s first big hike with 13 other dogs!

My Balanced Dog - Kamloops BC
My Balanced Dog - Kamloops BC1 day ago

Hike Clients:

We’ve been into a lot of burr bush areas, please check between toes and pads for hiders 😉

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Wednesday Hike!

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Tuesday Hike! Welcome Ginny! 💕🐾

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Monday hike! Very wet day today! 💦🌨❄

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Training and Obedience Classes

Training and obedience classes are about more than just mastering basic commands and modifying frustrating behaviours. They are about fostering a relationship between you and your companion. At My Balanced Dog, our courses range from Puppy Training to Basic Obedience to Rally-o or Advanced Training so dogs of all ages and handlers of all experience levels can feel comfortable!

Awards and Recognition

Voted Kamloops This Week Readers’ Choice Award for #1 Dog Training Facility
Nominated for Business Excellence Award by the people of Kamloops through the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce

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