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About US

“Where Dogs Can Be Dogs”

At My Balanced Dog, we strive to see better relationships between dogs and their owners! We make sure that owners are VERY involved in the training process and we think of ourselves as part of your team, rooting for you and your dog! We understand the frustrations and disappointments, and that is why we sit down with you and get to know YOU and YOUR dog. What training method best suits you, your lifestyle, your dog, your people in your life?

kamloops dog training

In 2013, Jessie became the new owner and since then has made several changes including adding several training programs, more retail, day-school and dog sports. MBD was located both in Aberdeen and on the North Shore, winning several awards in the community. In 2016 MBD moved operation to a home based operation and continues to strive to give their clients the services that they needed! 

dog obedience classes training

Once your preferred training program is completed, there are programs we offer for FREE to you, so that your after-care is looked after. We do not send you out into the wilderness! We are very dedicated to our clients and our clients are very dedicated to their training programs, and that creates success for everyone. In our programs, we limit the amount of clients we have at a given time, so that we can give the most to them.

dog training and obedience classes

Kamloops This Week Readers’ Choice Award

Kamloops Business Excellence Nominee

Loved the Difference We Saw

“We took our dog to both the Basic Obedience and Advanced Obedience training and loved the difference we saw in her. We really appreciated the one-on-one attention and tips, and liked the methods that Jessie and Stephanie used. We’ve already recommended My Balanced Dog to friends.”


Jessie is so Amazing!

“Jessie is so amazing! Our dog started acting aggressive towards one of our cats and within 3 private lessons we had changed the behaviour and Charlie is no longer aggressive towards the cats. We just finished the basic obedience class and I can’t wait to start Rally-O.”


We are Very Impressed

“We have a 15-month-old, Bouvier, whom had some bad behavior habits. Realizing he is just a pup we thought at 6 months old we would attend classes with a different un-named so called professional dog behavior specialist. This person’s methods were what we considered barbaric and at times cruel. We stopped using these methods within a week as our dog was becoming mean and afraid of us. Jessie was highly recommended to us and after the first visit we knew she uses very compassionate but effective methods. Her tools she taught us to use are very effective and cured issues he had. We are very impressed and will venture many future visits with her. Thanks Jessie, Gus thanks you too.”


“I’ve been doing the private puppy lessons and they’ve been so helpful for training my dog. I’m a first time puppy owner and there is a lot of conflicting information online, so it’s great to have someone to talk to about my dog’s specific needs. My puppy is getting better every day.”

C Jackson

5 stars

“Jessie is an absolutely pleasure to work with! We have a very anxious dog, since we started doing private classes with Jessie we have noticed a significant difference in his behavior, inside and outside of the house. What I like best is that she really focuses on a plan that is right for your pup.”

M Mirchandani

5 stars

“My dog absolutely LOVES his weekly hike with My Balanced Dog! He’s nice and worn out when I get home from a long day of work. Staff and owner are knowledgable and friendly.”

H Morrison

5 stars



One of our staff members will be in touch with you at the earliest possible convenience!

Text: 778-220-9051

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